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At Light Panel you will find good, reliable, and carefully finished light panels.

about our product


From roof-ridge to gutter

Our light panels can handle large spans. In this way you can make optimal use of the product.

about our product


Trapezoidal and wave profile

The LIGHT PANEL can be produced in a wave profile and in a trapezoidal profile.

You can also choose both profiles in different types.

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Light permeability

Lets approx. 74% of light through!

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The advantages of our Light Panels


More daylight

The light panels ensure more natural daylight, creating pleasant working environments and reducing energy use. In this way you can create a lighter work space in an economical way.


High level of insulation

The light panel’s double-walled bottom plate creates a strong panel with a high level of insulation value. The panels are mostly combined with sandwich roof panels and can used for large spans because of their beams.



The light panels are made individually by hand in our own factory and are checked for quality on the spot. The raw materials and the suppliers meet the highest requirements for the best result. Our hand-crafted products are ideal for renovation work.

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